Pregnancy Pillow Co.

The Pregnancy Pillow Co has made a significant impact in the market, with over 50,000 pillows sold across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, employing a multifaceted sales strategy. Initially, their journey began as a dropshipping venture, which served them well. However, when the disruptive force of Covid-19 swept in, it became evident that a new approach was needed to adapt to the changing landscape.
In this crucial moment, we teamed up with the Pregnancy Pillow Co to devise a fresh and innovative design for their product. Together, we navigated the complexities of ordering their first container load, and remarkably, this was accomplished even amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic. This transformation marked the beginning of their remarkable journey towards growth and success.
Since then, the Pregnancy Pillow Co has gone from strength to strength. Their dedication and tenacity have propelled them into expanding their horizons further, with plans to enter the highly competitive U.S. market in 2024.
Our client's search for the perfect wedding dress supplier was an adventure. After exploring numerous factories, they found us. We delivered stunning wedding dresses that not only met but exceeded their expectations, all at a remarkable 70% cost reduction.
What sets our client apart is their unique business model—dropshipping bespoke custom made wedding dresses. We embraced the challenge, providing sample sets and arranging captivating photoshoots to bring their vision to life.
Today, our client thrives online and is gearing up for the opening of a boutique in Perth, with Byron Bay on the horizon. Their journey is a testament to our partnership, delivering elegance and romance to brides around the world.
Our mission was clear from the outset: craft products that are free from harmful additives and proudly Australian-made. In the span of just six weeks, we embarked on a journey of extensive research and discovery, leading us to a triumphant realisation—we had not only met but exceeded our client's brief.
Our approach was both meticulous and hands-on. We scoured the globe for the finest materials, ultimately getting oils from Australia, sourcing glass bottles from Italy and eco-friendly packaging from China. The result? A product line that stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability.
This dedication has paid off handsomely for our client, who has since taken their brand to international shores. With 150 stockists spanning the globe, they continue to grow and thrive, championing products that are both eco-conscious and proudly Australian.
Our journey began with a simple yet profound mission: to craft jewellery with a purpose. After careful consideration, we set our sights on the world of healing gemstones, a choice that resonated deeply with our client's vision.
To bring this vision to life, we embarked on a thorough exploration, collaborating with four distinct suppliers to source the various components of the product. What truly sets this venture apart is our partnership with an Australian factory, where skilled artisans handcraft each and every piece.
This commitment to Australia craftsmanship aligns seamlessly with the brand's values, allowing them to proudly market their products as authentically Australian-made. Today, this brand thrives across multiple online platforms, driven by the purposeful beauty of healing gemstone jewellery
Our collaboration with this client began right from the initial stages, where we embarked on a mission to find the perfect eco-friendly pillowcase, one that was not only gentle on the skin but also environmentally responsible. That's when we discovered Vegan Silk, a revolutionary product made from Tencel fibers sourced from Eucalyptus trees.
It was a eureka moment as Vegan Silk checked all the boxes, and our client was absolutely thrilled. After a thorough evaluation of two factories, we finally settled on an exceptional supplier renowned for producing top-quality pillowcases and bedding sheets.
Of course, the global pandemic threw a wrench into the shipping process, causing some disruptions. However, once our stock arrived, it was all systems go. Sales took off like a rocket, and the brand's success story continues to grow.
MKA Vegan Handbags started as an exclusive online E-commerce venture with a keen eye on the Facebook market. After being let down by their own sourced factory- we stepped in and helped them thrive.Our journey with them involved evaluating multiple factories to ensure impeccable quality and efficient shipping. After navigating through nine different factories, we eventually found the perfect supplier.
The results were transformative. With a reduction in return rates from 9% to just 1%, and boosted by our sourced products, sales skyrocketed, reaching an impressive 5 million dollars within that year. This success story illustrates our dedication to finding the right solutions for our clients and achieving remarkable outcomes.
Our challenge: overcoming a Nespresso Coffee Pod patent. Initially, we aimed to create a compatible coffee pod for Nespresso machines while respecting patents. However, a twist came when we found the patent was held by another entity and close to expiration.
We acted swiftly, collaborating with our molding factory, legal experts, and designers. The result? A coffee pod that worked seamlessly with most Nespresso machines. This effort, though time-consuming, led to remarkable sales and expansion into new ventures, including coffee farming in South America.
Our partnership persists as we produce pods and packaging for their premium coffee blends. This journey reflects our commitment to solving complex problems and driving business success.
Our journey with one of our long-standing clients spans an impressive 10-year history. Throughout our partnership, we've successfully sourced a multitude of products, but one project stands out as a significant undertaking that truly exemplifies our commitment to innovation and excellence.
This particular project involved the creation of a completely new product from the ground up—an ingenious water bottle handbag. The development process was nothing short of remarkable. We collaborated closely with industrial designers and engaged with molding factories, dedicating a full year to perfecting every aspect of the product.
Upon achieving the ideal design and functionality, we moved forward with the sample approval process. Once samples received the green light, our client embarked on an ambitious Kickstarter campaign, which, to our delight, enjoyed resounding success. Within a mere two months, we were shipping the finished product to eager customers.
The success didn't stop there. Our client's innovative water bottle handbag garnered the attention of national wholesalers, resulting in over 200 retailers stocking this exceptional product.
Our e-commerce client identified a unique and niche market for bug-repelling products, recognizing the growing demand for DEET-free and kid-safe mosquito repellents. Following glowing recommendations from three of our previous clients, they decided to reach out to us for assistance in bringing this innovative product to life.
With a clear vision in mind, we embarked on the journey of crafting this exceptional product from scratch. Within a mere three months, we had successfully manufactured the necessary stock, enabling our client to dive headfirst into their new business venture.
The results were nothing short of remarkable. Equipped with their newly created DEET-free and kid-safe mosquito bands, our client entered the market with a splash.
During the global lockdown when many businesses were grappling with disruptions, our client in Perth was determined to keep things running smoothly. However, the scarcity of hand sanitizer emerged as a significant challenge, putting their operations at risk. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, they turned to us with a pressing need: to secure 10,000 bottles of hand sanitizer promptly.
Undeterred by the circumstances, we sprang into action, working tirelessly around the clock. Remarkably, we managed to expedite the entire process, from sample development to product approval, in just two short weeks. Subsequently, we swiftly delivered the much-needed stock within three weeks.
Lip Plumper Aust., with a straightforward mission in mind: to create a lip plumping serum that delivers real results. Following three meticulous rounds of product development and fine-tuning, we successfully cracked the code. The result? A lip plumping serum that not only meets but exceeds expectations. <br? Our client wasted no time and promptly placed their initial order of 5000 units. Since then, their confidence in our ability to deliver exceptional products has only grown stronger. In fact, they've expanded their collaboration, venturing into the development of three additional product lines, all of which are currently in the sampling phase.
Yo Mama Skincare has carved out a unique niche, specializing in skincare solutions tailored specifically for expecting mothers. Their journey, not unlike some of our other esteemed clients, began with the dropshipping model. However, as their concept gained traction and wholesale orders started pouring in, they recognised the need for a more customised approach.
That's when they turned to us, seeking to craft distinctive formulations that would set them apart in the market. What makes this partnership even more remarkable is the fact that we were able to deliver exceptional quality while helping them save a remarkable 80% compared to other quotes they had received.
KB Skin Results has undergone an impressive evolution, now boasting a product range that comprises nine unique items. The journey to this point has been a collaborative effort, with manufacturing operations conducted across two factories located in the USA and South Korea.
The genesis of this expansion can be traced back to years of dedicated research, focusing on crafting the perfect skincare solutions tailored for in-clinic use. Over a span of six months, KB Skin Results engaged in an iterative process, meticulously fine-tuning their products through continuous back-and-forth with samples until they achieved the desired outcome.
This meticulous dedication to excellence has yielded remarkable results. KB Skin Results is on a steady upward trajectory, continuously adding new SKUs to their portfolio and effecting transformative changes in the dermal skincare market.
When the Pimple Patch client first reached out to us, they had a vision – to tackle the age-old problem of pimples with a fresh and innovative approach. After conducting a thorough analysis of the products available in the market, we joined forces to create a groundbreaking solution. Together, we not only formulated an effective product but also designed eye-catching packaging that would make it stand out on the shelves.
Once we had perfected the samples and conducted rigorous testing, our client's confidence in the product soared. They were so impressed that they wasted no time in placing an initial order for a whopping 10,000 units. As time went on, the demand for their innovative pimple patches continued to grow, prompting them to reorder multiple times.